Who we are

  • NZOZ BIOMOL-MED Laboratory of Trace Elements is a Polish company with long professional experience and tradition. We have been operating since 1998, and are one of the European leaders in what we do. We perform tests for clients from all over Europe, as well as from Asia and North America.

  • Our mission

    The main role of NZOZ Biomol-Med is to protect health by popularizing proper dietary habits. As a method of assessing the nutrition status, Hair Element Analysis can be used in prevention, disease and recovery. In the Hair Element Analysis results report, the metabolic type is determined, and health-related tendencies are distinguished.

    The diet recommended in the report with the results of Hair Element Analysis (supported with a vitamine and mineral supplementation programme) and physical activity leads to regaining anindividual metabolic balance. This physiological state may protect a healthy organism from diseases.
    It is impossible to recognize any disease on the basis of Hair Element Analysis, and it is impossible to observe progress of any pathological condition.
    If a patient has already been diagnosed with a disease, his or her doctor may decide to use Hair Element Analysis as an auxiliary method to achieve better results of treatment.

    Only the attending doctor decided about patient’s diet and physical activity.

  • We will assess the nutrition status of your body

    In the 1990s, diagnostics of trace elements in hair become a popular method of assessing the nutrition status of the organism. Basing on scientific knowledge and experience gathered over years, the team of NZOZ Biomol-Med in Łódź has developed its own way of interpretation of Hair Element Analysis. This allowed for element analysis to become a useful diagnostic tool for doctors and dieticians.

    We operate basing on European quality standards, we aim to develop and constantly search for new solutions and partners. Our main goal is to popularize knowledge about proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

  • Our history


    After another audit, carried out in June, NZOZ Biomol-Med has received the certificate confirming operating with the compliance of the implemented Quality Management System with ISO 9001:2008.


    Biomol-Med has received a certificate confirming the operating in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 in the field of Elemental analysis of hair, nails, daily urine, water; preparing results and determining the recommendations to the supplementation of vitamins and microelements and diet.


    We are planning to become an accredited laboratory according to ISO quality management system.


    Biomol-Med sp. z o. o. set up a non-public health care institution [NZOZ].


    Biomol s.c. [civil law partnership] transformed into Biomol-Med sp. z o. o. [limited liability company].


    Biomol became an independent institution through its own laboratory facilities.


    Biomol was established in the Biochemistry Department of the Military Medical Academy of Łódź.


    In order to determine reference ranges for mid-European population, we have tested 3000 people. Basing on publications and our own research, we have developed our own method of interpreting the results of Hair Element Analysis.


    We worked in the Biochemistry Department of the Military Medical Academy of Łódź on determining the content of elements in the hair of individuals suffering from neurological diseases. Patient’ s nutrition status was assessed in this way, with special attention paid to the potential of the antioxidant barrier.

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