• Based on scientific knowledge and experience, our team has developed its own way of interpreting Hair Element Analysis. Thanks to this, the analysis has become a helpful diagnostic tool for doctors and dieticians.

  • ISO 9001:2015

    NZOZ BIOMOL-MED has implemented the Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and maintains it on the highest level.

    On 24.01.2014, during the second stage of external audit, our Quality Management System was recommended for certification. Basing on objective evidence, the auditors decided that it was effective in the scope which was subject to their audit. On 05.02.2014, NZOZ Biomol was certified by an accredited unit.
    After another audit, carried out in June, NZOZ Biomol-Med has received on 21st of June 2016 the certificate confirming operating with the compliance of the implemented Quality Management System with ISO 9001:2008.

    In June 2017 there was a two-day audit of the transition to compliance with the new edition of the standard, ie ISO 9001: 2015. The current functioning of the company and adjusting it to the new requirements were checked with great precision. Our commitment was appreciated and recommended for certification for compliance with the new standard

    Every day, satisfaction of Patients is the highest priority for NZOZ Biomol. It is reflected not only in the mission, vision and values of the company, but also in individually planned quality goals.

    NZOZ Biomol is subject to regular external audits which aim to confirm the compliance of the implemented Quality Management System with ISO 9001:2008 in the scope of chemical analysis of hair, nails, 24-hour urine, water and preparation of result sheets with recommendations regarding vitamin and mineral supplementation and a diet.

    The results of regular survey regarding the level of satisfaction of clients can also serve as evidence of the high quality of the activity of NZOZ Biomol, as the quality of services is very highly evaluated. Regular internal audits are also conducted, and their results are reflected in corrective and preventive measures whose aim is to support NZOZ Biomol in its continuous development.

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