Privacy policy

  • 1. NZOZ Biomol administers the Service.

    2. The Website Owner makes every effort to ensure that all available functionalities of the Website operate in a continuous manner, without interruption.

    3. The Website Owner reserves the right to temporarily disable the Website's availability for its extension or improvement.

    4. The Website owner is not responsible for:

    • effects of providing access to the Login, Password, regardless of whether third parties have gained access to this information with the User's consent or without such consent;
    • damages caused by the User using the Website incorrectly, contrary to these Regulations;
    • problems in the functioning of the Website, if they occurred as a result of events that the Website Owner, while exercising due diligence, was not able to foresee or prevented, in particular in the event of problems with the Website related to the quality of services provided by telecommunications operators;
    • sudden interruptions in the functioning of the Website due to failure of equipment, information systems or other circumstances independent of the Owner.

    5. The Website Owner makes every effort to ensure that all Users' data is protected using the latest technologies in accordance with applicable security requirements and confidentiality rules.

    6. The Website Owner undertakes to store and share information provided by the User in accordance with the applicable legal standards.

    7. It is forbidden to copy / use information available on the Website without the consent of the Owner.

    8. The Website Administrator provides protection for Users' processed personal data

    9. The protection of Users' personal data is ensured by:

    • Data transmission encryption system;
    • Login - User's e-mail address;
    • Password - provided by the User when logging in to the Website.

    10. The Website owner implements the privacy and data security policy on the Website using:

    • system logs containing information about dates and times;
    • secure data transmission using the HTTPS protocol;
    • data encryption using the SSL protocol;
    • securing access to your personal data through Password;
    • technical and organizational measures appropriate to the threats and categories of data available on the Website.

    11. User:

    • The User has the right to access his data on the Website and correct them via the administrator.
    • The User may not post content on the Website that is not related to the purposes of the Website, in particular content contrary to the law, good practices and principles of social coexistence as well as advertising content.
    • Due to the security of the User's personal data, the Password chosen by the User should not be the Password identical to the Password used in the User's e-mail box and in other websites where a password is required (eg online forum, blog, etc.).
    • If the User suspects that access to his account has an unauthorized person, inform the Service Owner about this problem by sending an e-mail to: lp.lomoiboruib
    • The User may request supplementing, updating or rectifying personal data concerning him.a
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