Analysis of Toxic Elements

  • Analysis of Toxic Elements is the determination of toxic elements in the human body.

  • What is it?

    Analysis of Toxic Elements shows the content of five toxic elements in the examined person's hair.

    We mark the amount of 5 toxic elements - arsenic, lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium.

    You will learn what excess quantities of the most important toxic elements are. The elements determined in the study have a very large impact on the proper functioning of your body. Inappropriate amounts in the body can lead to serious metabolic disorders.

    Based on the results of Toxic Element Analysis, your doctor can determine the detoxifying activities that are right for you.

    See an example of the results of Toxic Element Analysis

  • What will you get

    A report with the results of Toxic Element Analysis consists of one page, which includes diagrams and ratios of tested elements.

    The result of Toxic Element Analysis will allow your doctor to better assess your health condition. Thanks to the result, your doctor will be able to arrange the appropriate supplementation program and diet for you to detoxify the body.

    When will you receive the results?

    Analysis of a hair sample and preparation of the report with results takes up to 10 working days from the moment Biomol-Med receives a complete order, i.e. a hair sample and e-questionnaire. If any of these elements is missing, this period may be longer.
    The report with results ofoxic Element Analysis is sent as a file via e-mail.

  • How to do the analysis

    • the selected service add to the basket,
    • fill the form,
    • check the required consents,
    • pay the order,
    • you will receive the research number provided in the order, a link to the e-questionnaire and a pin,
    • click on the link and enter the pin,
    • fill the questionnaire,
    • cut the hair sample according to the instructions below,
    • pack the sample in a clean envelope or a plastic bag,
    • sign the sample with the research number,
    • send the sample itself to the following address: NZOZ Biomol-Med Sp. z o.o. , ul. Huta Jagodnica 41, 94-412 Łódź
  • How to prepare sample to analysis:

    In order to be suitable for analysis your hair needs to be:
    • natural (i.e. not dyed)
    • clean (without styling cosmetics, such as gels, mousses or sprays)

    Cut the hair:
    • with sharp scissor
    • cut the hair near the scalp on the occiput (at the back of your head between the ears
    • cut a few small patches in various spots on the occiput
    • only the first 3 - 4 cm (1.5 inches) of hair measured from the scalp are suitable for analysis - if your hair are longer send only the first 3 - 4 cm (1.5 inches) for the analysis
    • we require 200 - 300 mg (7 - 10 oz) of a hair sample for the analysis (about one tablespoonful)

    If your hair is too short:

    The minimum length of hair to be tested is 2 cm. If the hair does not have the required length, wait until regrowth.

    If your hair is dyed:

    If your hair has been dyed recently, you should wait at least 8 weeks for dyeing and then cut it for 3-4 cm from the scalp

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