Terms of services

  • 1. General provisions.

    1.1. In accordance with the requirements of article 8 of the act from the18th of July 2002 on the provision of services via electronic means (Journal of Laws from 2002, no. 144, pos. 1204 with amendments) the Regulations determine the types and conditions for the provision of services via:

    • Online shop, separate part of the internet service available under the address of sklep.biomol.pl (further referred to as the Service),
    • Infoline +48 042 630-49-11 (further referred to as the Infoline),
    • through Biomol-Med Sp. z o.o. located in Łódź (further referred to as the Company).

    1.2. The service user, further referred to as the User is an adult person with full capacity to exercise legal rights.

    1.3. Information about the Company.
    Company: Biomol-Med limited company.
    Headquarters address: ul. Huta Jagodnica 41, 94-412 Łódź.
    No. of entry to the business register of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for Łódź Śródmieście in Łódź, XX Commercial Division of the National Court Register: 0000136366
    Share capital: PLN 126 000,00
    NIP 727-25-73-736, REGON 473083583.
    E-mail address: lp.lomoiboruib

    2. Registration in the system

    2.1 Registration and using the Service is free of charge.

    2.2 In order to register, the User is required to provide the personal details required by the Service Owner.

    2.3 The User registration in the Service is divided into three parts:

    • Creating an account;
    • Adding selected service to the basket;
    • Order payment;
    • Following a correct payment verification, a link to an e-questionnaire is sent to the e-mail address provided along with the test number and the User’s declaration;
    • The Service User is obliged to fill out the e-questionnaire and send a hair sample to the following address: NZOZ Biomol-Med Sp. z o.o., NZOZ Biomol-Med informs the User about the sample received and estimated date of implementation via e-mail.

    3. Implementation of services.

    3.1 NZOZ Biomol-Med carries out the testing of samples received from the Patient.

    3.2 NZOZ Biomol-Med provides the instructions regarding the correct sample taking for testing.

    3.3 Full information about the services is provided on the website of NZOZ Biomol-Med www.biomol.pl.

    3.4 The staff may provide such information on the phone upon the Client’s request.

    3.5 The test results are produced within 10 working days the deadline counted from the date of receipt of the filled out e-questionnaire and hair sample by: NZOZ Biomol-Med.

    3.6 NZOZ Biomol-Med informs the patients about the sample received and estimated date of implementation via e-mail providing the patients has:

    • filled out the e-questionnaire (full name, age, weight, height, delivery or/and e-mail address);
    • sent a sample which meets the requirements http://biomol.pl/uslugi/.

    3.7 In case it is not possible to carry out the tests ordered due to overworking, temporary inability or lack of technical possibilities, the Client is informed about the potential date by which their order shall be implemented.

    3.8 Any discrepancies between the requirements specified in the agreement or in the order are clarified before the works start.

    3.9 Test subcontracting is not the practice of the Non-Public Health Centre Biomol-Med Sp. z o.o.

    3.10 Any tests ordered by the Client are accepted by the Laboratory Manager, the tests are carried out by the laboratory personnel using the equipment owned by NZOZ Biomol-Med.

    3.11 Before accepting the order, the Management of NZOZ Biomol-Med always checks whether there are sufficient material and staff resources to implement the given orders.

    3.12 Entries from the review of requirements regarding the product are included in the test history on the Intranet. The proof of carrying out the review of requirements regarding the product is registering the test on the Intranet.

    3.13 NZOZ Biomol-Med keeps the documentation regarding the determination of individual characteristics of the research methods used.

    3.14 . The range of tests carried out by the Non-Public Medical Centre Biomol-Med Sp. z o.o. are described in the service tabs.

    4. Provision of services

    4.1 NZOZ Biomol-Med has the complete administrative and diagnostics-research equipment necessary for the correct implementation of the processes within the range of its activity.

    4.2 The equipment and software used at NZOZ Biomol-Med, used for the implementation of the processes ensure the required precision and meets the requirements included in the specifications regarding the processes.

    4.3 The description of the test is the know-how of NZOZ Biomol-Med, and its individual elements are described in point 4 of these Regulations and biomol.pl/usługi/

    4.4 The diet supplements recommended in the results are quoted in systematic names. They are widely available and can be easily obtained from pharmacies, herbal shops or on the Internet. NZOZ Biomol-Med does not provide trade names of the indicated preparations, not promoting any company distributing diet supplements. However, obtaining preparations of natural origin is recommended. The Patient purchases the preparations at their own responsibility, verifying their contents with a physician or a pharmacist.

    4.5 The diet recommended in the results is an optimal diet for the patient’s metabolic type and their body’s needs. The function of this diet is indicating the nutritional targets which should be set in order to achieve the best results and support the supplementary programme. The recommended metabolic diet does not take into consideration the tested person’s previous nutritional preferences. The recommended diet will eliminate food intolerances indicated by the patient (allergens). Select the appropriate number of food intolerances on the product card (in the shop tab) and then complete them in the questionnaire.

    4.6 Consulting the test results is free of charge and carried out in the form of courtesy phone conversation with the Service User, not included in the cost of the test.

    4.7 The Service Owner informs the Users about the opportunity to have a conversation and sets a date (one day a week within the times indicated), informing in advance that the conversation:

    • is a one-off;
    • takes place once the User quotes the test number;
    • may only relate to the supplementation and the diet indicated in the results (analytical tests are not subject to consultation);
    • is noted down in the test history;
    • it is not possible to make a complaint against the consultation;
    • is not a form of treatment.

    5. Changes to the Regulations

    5.1 The Service Owner reserves the right to change these Regulations at any time. The current version of the Regulations is available on: https://www.biomol.pl/en/terms-of-services

    5.2 The information regarding the changed Regulations will be forwarded to the User through a message in the Service. The information about the awaiting message shall be sent to the User’s e-mail address.

    5.3 The updated version of the Regulations is in place from the time it is published in the Service.

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