Elemental Hair Analysis

Assesses the nutrition status of the organism basing on the quantity and ratio of elements in your hair. This modern diagnostic method tests the level of the most important elements in the human body – 24 bioelements and 5 toxic elements.

Hair reflects the biochemical status of your organism.
You will received description of a metabolic type, health tendencies, diet and suppementations plans.

Analysis of 12 Elements

Basic assessment of the quality of mineral metabolism

Learn about the nutrition of your organism

  • Laboratory of Trace Elements

  • We operate based on European quality standards.

    Basing on scientific knowledge and experience gathered over years, the team of NZOZ Biomol-Med in Łódź has developed its own way of interpretation of Hair Element Analysis.

  • We will assess the nutrition status of your body.

    As a method of assessing the nutrition status, Hair Element Analysis can be used in prevention, disease and recovery.

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