The worst diets

The worst diets are elimination diets, which eliminate the whole groups of nutrients from food (and your body still needs the same compounds). They are used with no medical supervision and can cause very serious metabolic disorders in the long term. In the ranking of diets with the worst health consequences, the first place is taken by the protein diet, the second – blood group diet, and the third – vegan diet.
Protein diet

The protein diet contains the least energy in relation to the quantities of eaten food. It causes the greatest damage in the intestines, the immunity system, the nervous system, the bone and joint system, and the psychological and emotional balance.
Blood group diet

The blood group diet was developed in the 1960s. Since then, our environment, lifestyle and eating habits have changed.
Vegan diet

The vegan diet is the strictest in terms of food quality. The result is the necessity of permanent vitamin and mineral supplementation, mainly with vitamins from B group, in particular vitamin B12.
Well-balanced diet

Each diet has consequences for the human body. With food, we supply energy and substances necessary to maintain good health. Energy is derived from sugars and fats. Proteins supply amino acids for the construction of the body. Amino acids also form neurotransmitters, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system and for a good mental condition. The remaining part of the diet should supply over seventy chemicals daily, which are not developed by the human body on its own.
Individual diet

A correctly planned individual diet should consider individual patients' needs concerning energy as well as the whole range of minerals, vitamins, and vegetable and animal ingredients. This way, your diet can influence the internal environment in your body and the quality of separate physical and mental structures.
Consequences of a bad diet

Using any diet always has two effects after some time. The first one is always good; this is a hygienic effect, which can be observed after the first weeks of the diet. The second one, a metabolic effect can be observed after a year or two. The metabolic effect can be alarming, to say the least; however, sometimes we meet lucky patients who used the diet planned by an experienced dietician. Unfortunately, in most cases long-term consequences of using recommended diets are bad (e.g. yo-yo effect, dermatological or gastric problems etc.).
Use specialist advice

You should always consult with a specialist, who will be able to determine your needs and specify an individual diet, and appropriate physical activity. It is particularly important when you have experienced permanent problems with health for many years. Nowadays, finding the right diet is very difficult. Diets recommended in mass media for any health problems are simple, pleasant, and, therefore, popular. Unfortunately, these are almost always elimination diet, which eliminate most substances. In order to become more attractive for a potential patient, a diet receives a nice name or is recommended by a medical authority.

You should always remember that only a specialist can recommend an elimination diet which is individually adapted to your needs and regularly monitored. An experienced specialist can use an elimination diet as a therapeutic or preventive tool rather than a way of life for many years.

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