The effect of obesity and diabetes on the mineral composition of the organism

The article "Trace Element Alterations in the Hair of Diabetic and Obese Women". It tells about pollution and diabetes in the mineral composition of the organism. Micro- and macro-elements regulate the function of the metabolism. Alterations in trace element content disturb other metabolic balances.

There was a study conducted to examine the mineral composition of hair and determine long-term markers for diabetes and obesity among women in Saudi Arabia. It involved 65 women with obesity and diabetes and 47 with obesity. The control group consisted of 70 healthy women with normal weight.

The results showed a decrease in Zn, Mn, Fe and increased levels of Se and Cu in analyzed hair of obese women. In addition, women with diabetes had lower Zn level.

This means that the metabolic imbalance that occurs in case of obesity and hyperglycemia can affect the content of elements in the organism.

This is due to the increased excretion and decreasing bioavailability of the elements or their poor distribution. Hair analysis on trace element content can serve as an important tool for monitoring the development and progression of metabolic disorders, including obesity and diabetes.

SOURCE: "Trace Element Alterations in the Hair of Diabetic and Obese Women." Fatani SH1, Saleh SA2, Adly HM1, Abdulkhaliq AA1; Biol Trace Elem Res. 2016 Nov;174(1):32-39.

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