Human body as a closed system

You have certainly wondered about the causes of the stability and happy growth of some people and failures and falls of others. Perhaps you have concluded that external factors have an influence on what happened or what is happening and that they may help or deteriorate the situation.

Each person is a stable system of mental, physical, and energetic balance. In our adult forms, we are fully developed organisms, able to exist and find our places in the world independently.

A human as a whole can function with stability only when the balance is kept in his body and mind at the same time.
Homeostasis in a closed system

This general state of internal stable balance is called homeostasis.

This does not concern only humans but also all closed systems which exist independently and create a larger and more complete whole which influences its environment.

Closed systems include cars we drive, houses we live in, companies we work at, countries we live in, and our planet whose atmosphere we remain in for all our lives. These systems have their purposes and tasks, like people have tasks to complete in their life. Our destiny depends, to a large extent, on external factors.
Homeostasis in the human body

The oldest medicines, such as Chinese medicine or Ayurveda, have always been interested in maintaining the homeostasis of the human body. We know many ways to determine the reasons of disturbing health and stability. However, we always take into account a person as a whole as well as all what happens to them and what may influence the shifting of the homeostasis to the wrong side.

Many closed systems are possible and each of them has different needs, properties, and possibilities. It is the same with people; there are many human personalities with their own properties and needs.

A car filled with inappropriate fuel, maintained with wrong oil and parts will quickly start to fail.

It is the same with employees (despite their human nature) who, firstly, do not do jobs they are good at and, secondly and thirdly, are not suitably paid and are exploited excessively. However, in the case of live employees, a reversed situation is also possible, when they are paid too well for too little work. They may become sluggish and lumbering and be unwilling to perform more difficult tasks.
Homeostasis and diet

These examples can easily be referred to people who can eat food which is unsuitable in terms of its energetic usefulness and maintaining body cleanliness. People can also eat products which are bad for them or eat too much or too little.

SIt is possible that the human body adapts to a certain dietary situation which is not completely harmful to it at once. However, after some time this situation causes a quicker wear and tear of the system and creates excessive burden for separate parts of the body.
How food can influence homeostasis?

You have many possibilities to shape your own habits. A great supply of various foodstuffs tempts and encourages you to, at least, try. As usually and in all situations, some of these foodstuffs are good for you and some are not. The same applies, to a great extent, to industrial products.

Manufactured in bulk, they are uniform and brought down to universal principles, which are not necessarily good for all of us; sometimes, they are bad for all.

Each foodstuff, from ordinary drinking water and more complicated natural products, such as vegetables and fruit, to complex ready-made products, such as ham, pre-processed dishes and beverages, has specific ingredients and chemicals with a different influence on our health and homeostasis.
Where is the golden mean?

How are we supposed to find the golden mean which will help us keep all our internal organs and systems in homeostasis and will give us health and strength?

Widespread prosperity makes life and development easier. However, excess is harmful, as usual. In addition, the situation is more complicated by the necessity to make decisions about what we eat quickly.

Often, you are not able to think about what you should eat. You eat whatever you have, whatever is cheaper, more flavourable, and ready to eat more quickly. You provide a constant inflow of fuel to your body. However, its quality and usefulness is not always appropriate.
Why is Elemental Hair Analysis helpful?

Our task is to determine what is the metabolic type of each patient based on tests, joint observations, consultations, and interpretations. We also specify what directions of keeping homeostasis dominate in the patient's body and how to provide the patient with a stable protection against adverse effects of external factors.

We also look into the acid-base balance of the body, catabolic and anabolic homeostasis, and hormonal and energetic balance.

We check whether the body is a sympathetic, who gathers available food in its environment, or a parasympathetic hunter, who looks for a specific prey.

We help to find a primal instinct in the body, which, as a closed system, needs a specific cooperation with its dietary environment in order to do its best and to remain healthy and satisfied as long as possible.

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