Forget about your weight

NZOZ Biomol-Med has performed Elemental Hair Analyses for 12 years. Among our patients, there is a large group of people who try to lose weight.
Energetic demand of the body

The human body is very economical in consuming energy. With low physical activity, we burn app. 26-30 kcal (kilocalories) daily for each kilogram of body weight, i.e. a 70 kg person burns 1820-2100 kcal. We put on weight by eating excessive amounts of food. The excess of eaten kcal is accumulated in the adipose tissue.

9000 kcal eaten in a meal can be transformed into a kilogram of fat in your body. If you eat app. 450 kcal daily over the amount burnt by your body (this is one dessert consisting of a doughnut and a sweet drink), you will weigh half a kilogram more after 10 days.

The exercise requiring 7000 kcal will burn app. 1 kg of fat; running a marathon (42 km) costs your body app. 2500 kcal.
Risks in dieting

Losing a few kilograms in a short time has nothing in common with healthy dieting. Most frequently, the reduction of weight is related to the loss of water rather than fat. Patients notice alarming symptoms after dieting. These are not symptoms of diseases but they cause physical and mental discomfort.

Most frequently, dieting causes the loss of several centimetres in your waist size and over ten thousand hairs on your head.
Dieting with Elemental Hair Analysis

Then, patients start to seek help of a hair specialist. Many of them come to NZOZ Biomol-Med because we perform elemental hair analyses. Hairs are skin appendages; skin is the reflection of human body, i.e. metabolism.

In NZOZ Biomol-Med, having received the results of elemental hair analyses, patients are informed how nourished their bodies are and what are their most important dietary tendencies. As a result, they receive programmes of natural vitamin and mineral supplementation, individual diets, and physical activity recommendations adapted to the needs of their bodies.

Determined patients (and the prospect of losing all hair is a very effective motivation) buy all natural supplements, follow the recommended diets, and start their adventures with sports.
Physical fitness is the most important

After a few weeks, patients forget about their overweight and focus their attention on the optimum physical fitness. The beginnings are always difficult because you have to overcome barriers which are inside you. You may start from simple stretching exercises (which improve spinal functions) and „oxygenating” walks. With time and as your fitness increases, exercises should be more difficult but in moderation.

For an unprepared patient, excessive effort will have unpleasant consequences. Most of all, muscle pains caused by excessive acidity, what can make you discouraged and make you stop the started activities. Correct physical activity (in a gym, in a swimming pool, on a pitch, or in a park) will bring you more and more satisfaction with time. Your mental and emotional conditions will be reconstructed just like your body.

Then, you will see that you have wasted your time on diets and preparations which were supposed to make you slim on their own. No one will do this for you. You have to make an effort to be healthy and fit. Your body will adapt its weight to its needs. Patients who made it have understood that what is the most important is fitness and not weight.

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