Elemental hair analysis

Elemental hair analysis is a method of diagnosis which allows to evaluate the state nutrition of a human organism. Basing on many years of experience and scientific publications, we have managed to develop a complete method of interpretation of test results..

During the 15 years of our work, we have made about 300 thousand analyses all around Europe, the USA and Russia. The results of our tests show that disorders of the quantity and ratio of elements in our bodies are becoming an alarmingly frequent phenomenon. Unfortunately, these changes affect younger and younger people. The way we eat today does not satisfy all the needs of our organisms, which need as many as 70 nutrients per day in order to maintain balance in their dynamic homeostasis.

Modern lifestyle forces us to adapt to economic and technological requirements of our times. Intensive and stressful life results in people paying less and less attention to the biological needs of their organisms. We eat in hurry, our irregular meals are often made of highly processed food products. We assume the lifestyle and diet imposed by our current environment and the media. Social conventions and trends shape our behaviour. We forget that each of us is a separate biochemical entity with individual needs.

Our health and mood depend on countless metabolic processes which take place in 220 types of 80 billion of cells in our bodies. It is our decision whether we provide them with all macro- and microelements which our organisms need to function properly. Instinctive nutrition would be an ideal solution – this means eating food rich in those nutrients which our organisms need most. Today, food products are produced by food technologists who are responsible for their appearance, taste and length of shelf life. Never before have people consumed so many artificial food dyes, preservatives, flavour enhancers and products which make foods look attractive. This is how producers and traders cheat the senses and instinct of consumers. These days, the tastiest products are at the same time the most harmful ones! Moreover, we need to remember about the work of biochemists and geneticists, who introduced genetic modifications to increase the capacity of agricultural production. Thanks to this, developed countries have open access to cheap food. The influence of the increasing environmental pollution on the quality of food products is another important factor. The maximum allowed quantity of additional substances (including toxic ones) in food is regulated by the provisions which base on the current knowledge. Yet, nobody can say for sure how such an amount of chemical content and genetic modification will affect our organisms on 20-30 years’ time, or how it will influence the health of future generations. Not long ago, a new science called nutrigenomics started to deal with these issues by analysing the influence of food on gene expression, and thus on human health in the future.

Few of us continue eating habits from our family homes. For many generations, regional diets were naturally shaped, in response to the needs determined by the environment, i.e. northern diets had to include more protein and fats, whereas southern diets were richer in carbohydrates. In modern global civilisation, we are fed by industrial corporations. Therefore, each initiative involving reactivation of traditional food consumption is worth our positive attention.

Proper nutrition must satisfy two basic conditions, i.e. it must be the source of good energy and provide all nutritional components. Making sure both of these needs are answered is a difficult task to all of us. Elemental hair analysis is a good solution to this problem. Descriptive result of the analysis includes a recommendation of a metabolic diet and a plan of vitamin and mineral supplementation. The diet is meant to provide good environment for proper dynamic homeostasis, and supplements should level the deficiencies or surpluses of individual nutrients in our organisms.

All kinds of dietary supplements are available, both natural and synthetic ones. Not all of these products are proper for everyone. They will not harm you, but they will not help you either. Using the same standard quantity of supplements for everybody is not always a good solution, as the doses should be suited to a given individual and his or her needs. Whether you are slim or obese, your metabolism is fast or slow, you work in an office or physically all influences your recommended supplement intake.

The individual plan of supplementation includes in the recommendations that are part of the result sheet specifies the quantity, time and period of using vitamins, minerals and plant preparations, or, in short, dietary supplements. Moreover, the plan of supplementation takes into consideration synergistic and antagonistic reactions between the recommended supplements. All this key information is usually neglected during supplementation. Although they provide information about suggested amounts, producers of dietary supplements are not able to describe the way of using their products and manner of combining them with all other nutritional preparations.

Physical effort is also very important when it comes to good health. Physical activity recommended in the analysis result sheet is adjusted to the current needs of this particular organism. Depending on the metabolic type of the tested person, physical activity is intended to “oxygenate” or “exhaust” them. Only then will it be relaxing for both the body and the soul.

Analysis is recommended to those people who are aware of the importance of healthcare, have increased mental and physical effort (physical work, amateur sports), and professional sportspeople. The aim of elemental hair analysis is to obtain optimum balance in the organism and to maintain good health tendencies.

Analysis is recommended to those people who are aware of the importance of healthcare, have increased mental and physical effort (physical work, amateur sports), and professional sportspeople. The aim of elemental hair analysis is to obtain optimum balance in the organism and to maintain good health tendencies.

Thanks to the elemental hair analysis, you can learn a lot about your own organism and its individual needs. Analysis of the mineral composition of hair tissue reflects the negative influence of toxic elements on our health. The analysis result sheet includes a special diet, a nine-month plan of vitamin and mineral supplementation and recommendation of physical activity, all adjusted to the needs of the tested individual. Thanks to well-planned nutrition, the issues of bad metabolism can be eliminated, which in turn allows to properly feed and detoxify the organism.

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