Between winter and spring

Spring is coming!

Slowly, you come out of the winter slumber and adapt to the spring pace of life. This period causes changes in your physical and mental state. Your metabolism is still going at a slowed winter rate.
Why do you feel weak before spring?

Worse physical and mental condition may be a result of bad oxygenation of the body.

In winter, you spend more time in a heated and rarely aired house. Going outside is connected with a sudden change of temperature. Going back home, you are often chilled.

Frequent sudden changes of temperature, atmospheric pressure, and humidity are not harmless to your body. You may feel sluggish, tired and out of energy.

In winter, you have a better appetite, what often leads to overweight. That is why your physical and mental condition is worse.

A small dose of sunshine causes sluggishness, irritation, and bad mood. All this is a results of low levels of serotonin, which is activated with sunshine.
What can stimulate you?

Soon, you will feel fresh as a daisy. Spring is coming.

Nature is waking up and days are longer and warmer. All this will help you quickly overcome the spring crisis.

Let the coming warm months help you regenerate your health and the nourish your body. Then, next winter will not bring you bad health surprises.

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