• We spread knowledge about the application of Hair Element Analysis in prevention at lectures, courses and presentations in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, France and Belgium.

  • Elemental Hair Analysis - description of the course

    Course plan:
    • Elemental Hair Analysis - a diagnostic method that allows to assess the state of human nutrition
    • Who to do APW and how often?
    • Interpretation of the Analysis result - examples
    • Supplements used in nutrition programs
    • Cleansing and metabolic diets as a result of Analysis
    • Psychophysical activity indicated as a result of Elemental Hair Analysis

    Materials and scripts in the price of the course.

  • Dietary supplements in human nutrition-description of the course

    Course plan:
    • Dietary supplements in 21st century human nutrition.
    • The role of natural dietary supplements in supporting the proper development of children.
    • The role of dietary supplements in the prevention and support of treatment processes.
    • Introduction to dietetics. Individual dietetics.

    Materials and scripts in the price of the course.

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