Supplements – natural or artificial


We take nutritious preparations, in other words dietary supplements, i.e. vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, amino acids etc. We should know what supplement to choose and what its role in our body is. There is a wide offer of dietary supplements in the market. What should we take into account when choosing the best supplement?

Selection of supplements

Many people decide which supplement to buy based on the price. Some choose the cheapest ones, thinking that the form of the supplement is of no importance; others choose the most expensive ones, thinking they are the best. However, the price is not a good criterion.

Before you decide what to take into account when choosing the best dietary supplements, you must answer the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to take supplements?
  2. What dose and form of supplement do you want to buy?
  3. How long are you going to take it?

Biomol-Med recommends natural preparations to its patients. In our works, we always emphasize that things which are closer to nature are better recognized and assimilated by our body.

Many publications appeared about the advantage of natural preparations over synthetic ones in Polish as well as foreign literature. Below, we present the most important facts speaking in favour of natural dietary supplements.

Main differences

Natural supplements:

  • difficult and time-consuming production – receiving a concentrate, extract, or concoction from foodstuffs (plants, herbs, fish etc.) requires more work and longer growing and processing time and it is not possible to use mass production techniques here. 
    This is often related to a higher price of the supplement.
  • easy assimilation – human digestive system was formed when homo sapiens appeared on Earth and has not changed since then. For hundreds of years, humans ate what grew in the earth or what they managed to hunt; their digestive systems have learnt to recognize and assimilate these substances well.
    This means that chemical substances with natural origins are well-known to our digestive system receptors, well-recognized and well-assimilated by it.
  • no side effects of taking recommended doses – natural supplements are recognized by human body as well as any other natural food and the recommended supplementation does not have side effects.
  • using smaller doses as a result of better assimilation – the assimilation levels of natural supplements is much higher than that of synthetic ones; therefore, we do not need high doses.

Synthetic supplements

  • easy and quick production – synthetic chemical compounds can be mass-produced in laboratories. This makes them available faster, in greater quantities, and for lower prices.
  • worse assimilation – synthetic chemical compounds supplied to our bodies are most often recognized by receptors of the digestive systems as foreign substances (because they were not naturally present in foods known to us for hundreds of years). Our bodies are able to digest many troublesome substances, so they will also manage to cope with synthetic supplements. However, the assimilation level of such a supplement by the digestive system will be low.
  • frequent symptoms of intolerance and many side effects - synthetic supplements are chemical compounds which only appeared in the 20th century. Human digestive system does not recognize them as well as natural ones and often does not know how to assimilate such a substance correctly (you may experience diarrhoeas, bloats, stomach aches etc.).
  • taking large doses – you will need a large dose because your body assimilates synthetic supplements much worse than natural ones.