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09:23, 31 January 2013

The main role of NZOZ Biomol-Med is to protect health by popularizing proper dietary habits. As a method of assessing the nutrition status, Hair Element Analysis can be used in prevention, disease and recovery. In the Hair Element Analysis results report, the metabolic type is determined, and health-related tendencies are distinguished.

The diet recommended in the report with the results of Hair Element Analysis (supported with a vitamine and mineral supplementation programme) and physical activity leads to regaining an individual metabolic balance. This physiological state may protect a healthy organism from diseases.

It is impossible to recognize any disease on the basis of Hair Element Analysis, and it is impossible to observe progress of any pathological condition.

If a patient has already been diagnosed with a disease, his or her doctor may decide to use Hair Element Analysis as an auxiliary method to achieve better results of treatment.

Only the attending doctor decided about patient’s diet and physical activity.